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Age - Appropriate Book Recommendations

for Children and Parents

My Body Belongs to Me.png

My Body belongs to Me

Jill Starishevsky

Have I given you my CONSENT?.png

Have I given you my CONSENT?

Kim May

My Body is Private.png

My Body is Private

Linda Walvoord Girard

I Can't Talk About It.png

I Can't Talk About It

Doris Sanford

The Right Touch.png

The Right Touch

Sandy Kleven, LCSW

It's My Body.png

It's My Body

Lory Freeman

Uncle Willy's Tickles.png

Uncle Willy's Tickles

Marcie Aboff

A Terrible Thing Happened.png

A Terrible Thing Happened

Margaret M. Holmes

It's all OK By Me.png

It's all OK By Me

Kim May

Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept.png

Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept

Jayneed Sanders

Some Parts are Not for Sharing.png

Some Parts Are Not for Sharing

Julie K. Federico

A Secret Safe to Tell.png

A Secret Safe to Tell

Naomi Hunter

Protect Your Body.png

Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse: A Parent's Guide

Janie Hart-Rossi

Who is the Boss of this Body.png

Who's the Boss of this Body?

Meghan Hurley Backofen, LCSW

Funny Feelings Aren't Funny.png

Funny Feelings Aren't Funny

Kim May

Please Tell! A Child's Story about sexua

Please Tell! A Child's Story about Sexual Abuse


The Trouble with Secrets.png

The Troube with Secrets

Karen Johnsen

It's Not the Stork.png

It's Not the Stork!

Robie H. Harris

The Impact of Pornography.png

The Impact of Pornography on Children, Youth, and Culture

Cordelia Anderson

Who Has What.png

Who Has What? 

Robie H. Harris

How Much is a Little Girl Worth.png

How Much is a Little Girl Worth?

Rachael Denhollander

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