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Book Recommendations for Adults


The Courage to Heal

Ellen Bass and Laura Davis

The Sexual Healing journey.png

The Sexual Healing Journey

Wendy Maltz

The Body Keeps the Score.png

The Body Keeps the Score

Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk

Miss America by Day.png

Miss America By Day

Marilyn Van Derbur

Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse.png

Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse

Carolyn Ainscough & Kay Toon

Be Fierce.png

Be Fierce

Gretchen Carlson

Mommy Please Read This.png

Mommy, Please Read This

Troy Timmons

Trauma and Recovery.png

Trauma and Recovery

Judith Herman

Helping your Child Recover from Sexual A

Helping Your Child Recovery from Sexual Abuse

Caren Adams and Jennifer Fay

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